About Combi

Combi was established in 1957 in Japan, the foundation took place for over 50 years. Derived from the word "combination," Combi hopes to create a relationship with all destined people. To ensure the work of primary caregivers is enjoyable and make it easier for all family members to experience the happiness of caring. Combi is committed to providing innovative products and service, and therefore helps the society create an environment where baby care is a more comfortable experience.
“Innovating Baby Care”, our Brand Purpose Statement is the expression that captures the essence of why we exist as well as our brand vision, mission and values.
The most important work we do as humans is raising children. This is why we put all our energy into discovering what is needed to let us nurture lives of newborn babies with all our heart, and creating a world where our children can grow up in good health, and the time we spend with our children is filled with smiles and laughter.
Combi offers 3 promises to you:
Brand Vision
To create a world where baby care is a source of enjoyment and happiness
Brand Mission
To help all caregivers to share the joy of baby care
Brand Value 
Combi’s products and services provide a “helping hand” to all involved in baby care, and put a natural smile on the faces of all involved in baby care.