Baby Label - Toilet Training Set

Baby Label - Toilet Training Set

Item No. : 12748


Baby Label series concept revolves around typing to replicate a baby’s energy and emphasizes on “Shape” and “Color”. Our bath support products are use-friendly that even first time parents could use easily!


This is a multi-stage toilet trainer set including Toilet Trainer, Assist Toilet and Step. The middle hollow portion and specially shaped handle enable easy and safe usage for baby.


Step 1

When your baby is able to sit (around 6 months+), you could let your baby start getting used to the toilet trainer with adult's support. When your baby is able to stand and walk (around 10 months+), then you could help you baby using the toilet trainer.

Step 2

When baby is able to chase and follow (around 18 months+), let him/her start using asst. toilet with handle and the step together.

Step 3

When baby is able to walk smoothly, you could let him/her using toilet alone, supporting by asst. toilet without handle and the step.

Comparison in toilet trainer

Smaller opening allows the child to position his/her legs forward for easier usage and cleaning.

Comparison in asst. toilet with step

For other models, The opening is large and causes the legs to separate widely for balancing. The step is low making it hard for the child’s feet to reach. In comparison, Baby Label's opening is smaller and the step is higher so the legs are able to come to the front for easier usage and feet can reach the step.


Shape and angle are designed for baby to grip easily which provides maximum support.


27mm higher then current model which is an ideal height for
This product is designed to be used on normal western style toilets which have the following seat dimension: (Inner diameter / width ranging from 175mm - 225 mm, length 265mm or more)
Please check your toilet seat dimensions before buying to ensure its correct fitment.