Cradling 360 Isofix
Cradling 360 Isofix Cradling 360 Isofix Cradling 360 Isofix

Cradling 360 Isofix

Item No.: 115791
Color: Laser Red
Applicable Age: 0-18Kg (Newborn to approx. 4 years old)

Equipped weight: 12.0kg
Rear-facing: W460×D655~735×H465~585mm
Forward-facing: W460×D526×H555~740mm
*Not include supporting leg

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Cradling 360 Isofix Cradling 360 Isofix Cradling 360 Isofix


 ISOFIX device is more convenient and secure for installation


Dacco Seat

Dacco Seat with  moisture free and rapid dry polyester HO-COOLING on the outside fabric, releasing moisture as well as heat from the seat quickly. (On head pad and base seat only)




360ºrevolving seat

360°revolving seat is easy for seating and unseating of the baby. One-hand operation design is convenient even when holding the baby.

One touch reclining and rotation

Rotating and Reclining of seat are all done with one single lever. 

Ultra shock absorbent EggShock Super

Ultra shock absorbent EggShock Super equipped in head position with better ventilation and Eggshock equipped in back and seat position to absorb all kinds of shock and vibration and provide maximum protection.

Adjustable headrest in 8 positions which grow up with your child.


Easy reclining in 3 positions with a single push on the button


Supporting leg

This leg provides extra support in addition to the 3-point installation. Leg length can be adjusted according to the vehicle seat base to ensure the greatest support and stability and therefore maximum safety.

Buckle with color indicator

The seat buckle inserts are designed to be matched before inserting into the buckle, and after inserting correctly the color indicator from red to green indicating the buckle is safely fastened and the baby is secured.