Malgott EG
Malgott EG Malgott EG

Malgott EG

Item No. : 114602
Color: Milano Black
Age: 0 month to around 7 years old (Below 25Kg)
Equipped weight: 7.5kg
Size :W510 x D625 x H825mm

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Malgott EG Malgott EG

Just-Fit Headrest

Headrest is adjustable up to 13 different positions according to different growth stages. Shoulder belts are inter-linked and will adjust automatically without complicated settings.

Ultra shock absorbent Egg Shock

Egg Shock materials are used to absorb all kinds of vibrations and shocks when car is in motion. The gel in Egg shock absorbs and disperses impacts evenly to provide maximum protection to a baby's delicate head.

Dacco Seat

The dacco seating system replicates a parent's cuddle which is the most comfortable and natural position. It helps minimizing the body stress effectively, secures the baby in the unique position and yet allows baby to move the arms and legs freely.

Ventilation system

heat absorbent and moisture free material is used. The base has air gate design which brings great comfort to baby.

Air-Through cushion

Soft cushion with 3Dmesh design to enhance ventilation and improve sitting experience. 

Magic Belt

it allows easy seating and unseating.