Baby Toothbrush Step-up Set

Baby Toothbrush Step-up Set

Item No. : 114192


Attractive shape and color could arouse baby's interest to use toothbrush. It is designed with detachable protection shield in order to prevent child from putting the brush too deep into the throat hurting it. Also, it contains easy grip for small hands. 

Step 1

Baby can start to learn how to grip tooth brush from 4 months old. There are 2 different stimulations could help soothing and gum massage. Soft brush head so that baby won't resist putting it into mouth. Then, baby could get used to the brush shape and step up the training.

Step 2

At this stage, babies get used to feeling of brushing from around 9 months old. Soft and safe brush head enhance baby to develop teeth brushing habit at early stage.

Step 3

Babies are able to learn how to brush teeth themselves art from 18 months old. Nylon brush head is more suitable when baby brushes teeth by itself and keep up teeth brushing habit. Also, Appropriate stiffness of brush hair to simulate adult toothbrush.