AtopiAid Diaper Rash Cream 70ml

AtopiAid Diaper Rash Cream 70ml

Item No.:81337

  • Apply on diaper area to treat and prevent diaper rash

  • Argan Oil contains Oleic acid, linoleic acid and Vitamin E with olive oil, and contains valuable plant sterols, which help moisturize skin more quickly and prevent moisture loss.

  • Natural cassava starch protect chafed skin associated with diaper rash and helps to protect from wetness.

  • 0.18% Allantoin, a natural moisturizing agent to sooth dry skin.

  • 8% Zinc oxides, the mineral can treat specific types of skin irritation and relieve uncomfortableness.

  • Passed SGS sensitive skin test & tear-free test
  • No Paraben, alcohol, Steroid and petrochemical composition