Official Announcement Safety precautions for using baby strollers

Safety precautions for using baby strollers

Dear Mom and Dad,

Nowadays strollers become more innovative. Apart from understanding the features, please do not forget some of the basic safety precautions. In particular, we would like to draw your attention on the following important issues:

1.          Whether the stroller has complied with local safety standards or not.

2.          Please be sure to read the manual before use in order to operate correctly.

3.          Do not lean on or hang loads on the handle. Putting any load on the handle will affect the stability of the stroller.

4.          Be careful of those around you to avoid pinching when you are opening or folding the stroller or adjusting the seat angle.

5.          Keep an eye on your child while playing near the stroller. The child may get jammed (e.g. finger) into a small space of stroller by mistake.

6.          Please ensure your child to sit on the stroller with a seat cushion equipped, in order to increase the comfort and safety of your child.

7.          Never lift the stroller or use it on escalators or stairs when your child is sitting or lying in the stroller.

8.          In case there is a need to attach other accessory like buggy board on the main body, please read the manual to ensure it can be used. Otherwise, the child may get injured and the accident or damage to stroller may occur.

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