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About Combi

Our Brand - Your Helping Hands

Over 60 years of commitment to all parents ── to be your helping hands.

Combi offers more than just products. We commit to be your helping hands from home to public spaces. No matter where you are, when you need a hand, Combi is with you.


Founded in 1957 Japan, Combi created the first plastic injection toilet trainer, and then developed stroller, child car seat and parenting station. Combi strives to ensure that innovative products are provided to every family. That’s why Combi has always been the first to market in the world with products such as the 360 rotating child car seat, the auto 4 swivel stroller and parenting station.

“We ask ourselves everyday - what more can we do to make new family members feel content and happy?”

More than just a manufacturer, Combi also gives back to the society with various public support such as: diaper changing station & baby carts for shopping centers and airports. Even when moms decide to return to work when the baby reaches two years, there is a Combi kindergarten near you (Combi Plaza).

The heart of caring and the attention to detail is in the blood of Combi culture. Caring and convenience is in our design philosophy and it is how we support all parents from day one. It is a commitment that we want to share for centuries to come.

Japanese design concept ‧ Create happy and easy parenting

Combi Design Concept is inspired from the spirit of "your helping hand". We are committed to develop innovative products to achieve our belief - to become "an extra pair of helping hands" and support all baby-caregivers, enjoying their parenting time from inside to outdoors continuously. For each product development program, we challenge ourselves to prove that a product can really help to achiev "easy parenting". 

Combi's safety standards are even stricter than Japan's

In its R&D and manufacturing, Combi abides by every law and regulation. On top of Japan’s national safety standards, Combi applies its own internal standards regarding materials, usability and many other aspects