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12With capital of JPY 2 million, Sanshin C., Ltd. was established in Tokyo’s Shinagawa District for the purpose of manufacturing medical equipment and medical aids as well as the sale of pharmaceuticals.
04To increase the production processing and marketing of synthetic resin products, Mimatsu Chemical Corporation was acquired. A new facility was set up in Tsurumi District, Yokohama. Production of bottles, potties and tableware was staretd.
03The company was renamed “Combi Corporation.”
04The headquarters moved to Chiyoda District, Tokyo.
04The Tsurumi facility was closed, while the Yokohama facility was opened in Yokohama.
07To increase productivity and storage capacity, the Saitama facility was set up in Iwatsuki.
05The sales department for health devices and health supplies spins off to form the "Combi Health Corporation."
03The Saitama facility starts production of the health-related "aerobic bike" to enter the fitness equipment market
07"Combi International Corp" was incorporated in Chicago, USA as a local sales company.
07"Combi Asia Ltd." was established in Hong Kong as a base for production, sales and development.
09The "Nampo Technology Center" was completed and started operations.
10After permission from the Japan Securities Industry Association, our company entered the publicly traded OTC market.
01The facility of Combi Asia Ltd.’s production department started production in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Guangdong Province, China.
04"Combi Health Corporation" was changed to "Combi Chia Chia Corporation."
12The wholly-owned "Combi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." was established in Shanghai, China.
02The "Biological Research Laboratory" was established in Omiya-ku of Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture, as the R&D headquarters for the organization.
08Combi (Dongguan) Strollers and Toys Co., Ltd. / Dongguan facility in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, started production, taking over production from the Shenzhen facility.
08The “Combi Baseball Stadium” in Shanghai, China, opened.
12The Saitama facility obtained ISO 14001 certification.
05The "Biological Research Laboratory" moved to Uruwa City in Saitama Prefecture Prefecture, and changes its name to "New Product Development Center."
08“Combimini”, the clothing division, was established to enter the baby wear market.
09Through a public offering capital was increased to JPY 2.9 billion and 9192.
05The Dongguan facility obtained ISO 9002 certification.
10The "B-Quarter" sports drink was developed and its online marketing and sales started.
10The logistics center in Tsukuba was opened.
12“Combi Chia Chia Corp.” obtained ISO 14001 certification.
09"Combi Taiwan Co., Ltd." was founded in Taipei as the sales subsidiary of Combi Asia Ltd.
10The "Combi Wellness Corporation" was established.
11The Combi Chia Chia Corporation set up the “Combi Plaza Nakano Nursery Garden, certified by the Tokyo Metropolis Government. Combi Wellness Corporation started cooperation with Nautilace of the United States for its sales in Japan.
12Ningbo Combi Baby Goods Co., Ltd. (in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, China) started production of Baby Racks.
03Combi's listing was promoted from OTC to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Listing.
04To expand into functional foods the “New Product Development Center" was upgraded to a division and renamed as "Functional Foods Division."
10The Combi brand logo was renewed.
03Combi’s listing in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange was upgraded to a listing in its First Section.
10The Baby Label brand received the Japanese Industrial Product Design Award
02"Combi International, Inc." was renamed "Combi USA, Inc."
10Combimini obtained a patent for its in-house developed onesie with rabbit ears.
10The F-180 sling won the Japanese “Good Design” Award.
12Combimini’s new series "Ribbon Casket" was launched.
10The "baby support equipment", "baby comfort station", "Happy Palm happy child frame", "Ninna Nanna T-95 sling,"Buon Junior growing car seat", "Buon Kids Growing car safety seats " all won Good Design Awards 2005.
05"Combi-wellness company" sold all its shares in the "KONAMI Company."
05Combimini obtained a patent for its in-house developed jumpsuit.
04Based on the Japanese "Law regarding the promotion of next-generation rearing support measures," Japan’s welfare minister approved our next-generation baby life support care.
10The "Combimini" store in Daikanyama officially opened, selling baby clothes and supplies.
04The Combi Apparel Business Unit was spun off as an independent company - "Combi Next Corp."
01The American subsidiary "Combi USA, Inc" relocated to North Carolina.
03A Management Buy-Out was implemented to concentrate operation rights and maintain stable operations.
07The Combi Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. started production of Baby Carriers.
10Combimini obtained a patent for its in-house developed “wrap compact."
09The “Compet” brand was officially released, and its first pet stroller "Milimili" was launched.
01“Phnom Penh Combi (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.” Established and the factory started the operation.
04 “Combi Holdings Limited” established in Hong Kong, serving as the global headquarter of the Combi group
05“Combi Hong Kong Limited” established in Hong Kong.
09Combi 60th anniversary.